"Develop a plan. Live your dreams. Empower others." - Company Message
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Welcome to Ashe Sports & Entertainment Consulting, Inc.

ASEC is ready to develop effective strategies to help you successfully achieve your professional goals and business objectives anywhere your fortune takes you across the globe.

If you possess professional athletic or artistic talent (including vocal, instrumental, and theatrical), or you own or run a business that commercially exploits such talent, then you are in the right place for a clear action plan to help connect with desired target markets, achieve tangible goals, secure key contractual relationships, and protect marketable assets.

ASEC has consistently exceeded the expectations of its clients for many years under the leadership of its Founder and CEO, Mason P. Ashe, who draws from more than twenty-five years of high profile talent and elite athlete management, crisis management, and complex deal-making experience.

ASEC also empowers each client by leveraging a national and international network of top professional service providers and subject-matter experts to deliver the most competent, comprehensive, and cost-effective support team in the marketplace.  This methodology mirrors that of author Napoleon Hill's "Master Mind Alliance," which he described as "a tight-knit group of select individuals who work together because they have exactly the same agenda, a deep sense of mission, and a commitment to the same goal."

Our typical clients have been, but not limited to, the following:

   *  elite professional athletes, 
   *  teams,
   *  leagues,
   *  journalists,
   *  on-air personalities,
   *  coaches (amateur and professional),
   *  public and private companies,
   *  municipalities, 
   *  educational institutions, 
   *  entrepreneurs,
   *  non-profit organizations, 
   *  celebrity chefs,
   *  models, 
   *  musicians, 
   *  vocalists, 
   *  producers, 
   *  concert promoters, 
   *  authors, 
   *  comedians, and 
   *  many other talented individuals and their employers seeking fair market value for their unique skills and services or for protection of their products, trademarks, copyrights, iconic images, slogans, and digital content.

Over the years, every current and former client has been offered a customized combination of legal, brand management, marketing, and educational strategies to address their diverse needs.  We also help businesses and educational institutions reduce the risk of employment litigation through management and employee training to educate them on legal trends, judicial developments, and statutory and regulatory compliance related to cutting-edge topics such as "The Abuses of Social Media in the Workplace."

Please remember, talent alone rarely captures its true commercial value.  Talent will almost always need the support of a carefully executed plan of action to enjoy and preserve the fruit of his or her labor.  Consequently, it has been our observation that success is more attainable, satisfying, and sustainable for talented people when they have the support of reliable, trustworthy, and experienced advisors that care about the CLIENT and not just the DEAL.  At ASEC, our client's well-being always comes first.

You may send inquiries to: info@ashe-sec.com, or call us at 301-310-2229.

Let's make your dream a reality, and not keep the world waiting!